Is secularism safe?

Before we go any further thinking, on the lines if whether secularism is safe, let me give it a reasonable definition as it is practiced today world over.

Secularism is the ideology of giving equality to all and tolerating everyone irrespective of their creed, color, ethnicity, race or religion. The key ingredient is that of tolerance to all and their beliefs. It’s a situation where everyone brings their culture, traditions and beliefs with them, and where everyone’s beliefs should be respected no matter how absurd and outrageous they are.

A fine analogy would go like this, “you bring your food, I will bring mine to the table, you eat yours and I will eat mine, if my food appeals to you, you can take it but don’t you dare comment on how bad it is, you are allowed only to praise my food”

Superficially this ideology seems very good, but think about it and you will realize where this type of mentality and ideology will lead, I understand this ideology is better than theocratic or totalitarian ideologies, but this also has subtle totalitarian concepts at it’s core.

When you do think and can see the consequences of this, you get states like India or UK, where there are Muslim and Jew communities which are above the law of the land, that is because you are not allowed an opinion about the absurdities these communities bring with them in the name of secularism. In India, a Muslim judge who has 4 wives can sentence a Hindu man for having 2 wives, that is because the Indian constitution was meant to be secular and it asks us to respect the traditions and beliefs of every religion.

I will let you decide for yourself, but in my opinion this type of secularism is not good for any society.

The freedom of speech should not have limitations to criticize what is absurd and immoral. Nothing in this universe should be beyond question and beyond criticism.

You can discuss in the comment section and share your thoughts, I know many of you will not agree with me, so bring it on.


Author: dryogeshd

An ethical human being with integrity and no religious or supernatural inclinations.

2 thoughts on “Is secularism safe?”

  1. Is secularism safe ? That is the question you are discussing.
    You speak well and correctly about the perils of such societies – But on the other hand, every system comes with its shortcomings and some baggage. I would rather contend with these problems by peaceful means than live in any other system. I shudder to think of my freedom of speech in any other system.

    About criticism you write how people take it badly. The forum where we discuss anomalies and discrepancies should be appropriate. We can’t go and talk to someone who believes in animal sacrifice or child sacrifice in the same tone and method as we would talk in an atheists’ forum.

    Moreover, no one takes criticism well…. one has to use all methods of persuasion and get to the core of the problem. Also, what might seem absurd to us, may very well be the mainstay in the others’ communities. So one has to be careful how we handle these situations. Here’s where people like you and me HAVE TO GET TO WORK! SO LET’S GETCRACKING SOON!

    1. I agree with what you say, I assure you, I am just getting started. Dealing with people is quite a task, but my targets are the educated ones and those who will read what I am writing, the kind of people you mention are remotely concerned with such media nor do they have access to my writings. My intention is to challenge the norm in those people who can think and are in positions of power and who can make the change happen.

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