Is secularism safe? part 2.

A few days ago, I wrote an article labeled “is secularism safe?” this is an addendum to that, a few missed out points and clarifications.

If you have read my earlier post, you would realize that I come very strongly on the core principles of secularism, but I have mentioned in that post that secularism, even with its current shortcomings is by far the best that is available to us. Here I would like to suggest that this is in fact true in the context of what other options are available currently to humanity.

You may wonder why did I choose to write so negatively about secularism to begin with. That is perfectly a sound reasoning, I will tell you why, I want to illustrate to you, if secularism itself can have such horrific outcomes with regard to building a free society that does not give rise to fundamentalism and one that does in no way encourage the practice of outrageous traditions and cultures in the guise of religion and respect for such, imagine what could be the consequence of any other form of societies or governments. You can see the examples of such theocratic and dictatorship governments every day, the entire group of Muslim majority countries are riddled with violations of basic rights of humans and such cowardly suppression of women, this is a ubiquitous phenomenon across all countries which are ruled by religious fanatics

So coming to secularism, it is indeed the lesser of the evils, only if we have a state law which is applicable universally. The state law should in no way recognize any sort of religious, racial, ethnic, or any other pseudo discriminatory boundaries and lines in the society. This should be enforced through the constitution.

For a secular society to flourish and have any meaning this is the basic prerequisite.


Author: dryogeshd

An ethical human being with integrity and no religious or supernatural inclinations.

One thought on “Is secularism safe? part 2.”

  1. I like what you have said in your follow up. You did give us an impression of being critical of the system as such in your opening article. Given our disparities in India – I mean our diverse nature – there wouldn’t be one system which would be all encompassing. That I am sure of!
    What you are leading towards where you require our constitution to ignore and not recognize our differences based on religion, race, ethnicity etc . looks a little dangerous. Are you implying democratic socialism? Think hard !!!!!!!
    What was your opinion about the one year rural posting requirement for post graduate medical studies? Just remember, you can’t have the cake and eat it too. You will have to pay a price for that kind of democracy.
    One can argue for or against any political system. I won’t even go near any other system. Even in the 21st century, we have horrible autocracies continuing the atrocities of medieval European Monarchies. As regards secularism, I think it is one of our mascots in India. The democratic system wherever it is practiced in the world is riddled with problems to a greater or lesser degree. What we have to strive for is NOT to abuse its meaning by being selfish and parochial !
    Each one of us should strive to set an example to others and educate others about their rights and help them to fight for them. This would truly refine our democratic political system and it would then truly represent the ideals on which it is based.
    Let me stop as I feel I have spoken too much!

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