If you ask me, life is a misnomer coined by the idiots of bronze age humans for the lack a better understanding.. Let me try and define life for all the people who might find it maybe interesting and amusing too.. (I warn you.. some may find this disheartening and hurtful) Life is a term which tries to capture all the complex and not so complex chemical reactions that occur in  a cell that lead to cellular integrity and preservation of the cellular structure and it’s organelles along with genetic duplication and replication which are also an integral part of being a cell and are nothing but elaborate and some times erroneous chemical reactions.


Note: I do not own the images, they were taken  from the internet and were not protected by any copyright, if you feel these should not be included, I would respect that, but I would appreciate if you let me use them for illustration. These images are actual photos taken with scanning electron microscopes


Author: dryogeshd

An ethical human being with integrity and no religious or supernatural inclinations.

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