What will I say if I were to meet any god?

As per the abrahamic religions if a judgement day ever comes, or as per Hinduism if I were to ever attain moksha (I should, as per the texts, because all I have done in my life is save people’s lives and be honest) and meet any of the gods, I will spit in his face and ask him,

1. How dare you create all the universe and animals capable of thinking just because you had nothing better to do and wanted to enjoy the misery of countless beings when you being all powerful and all knowing could have chosen either not to create anything at all or create a perfect universe filled with happiness.

2. If anybody has done anything wrong in their lives, it is not their fault because you chose to create them that way, so you are responsible for everything hence you deserve to be in hell not them.

3. I have better morality than you so it will be better for you as well every living thing in the universe if you gave all your power to me so that I can undo what you have done.

What do you say people, would this be a good opening statement with any “god”?


Author: dryogeshd

An ethical human being with integrity and no religious or supernatural inclinations.

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