The dillemmas of a questioning mind

What is it that makes it a taboo to criticize the horrible things that religions preach?
Why do “liberals” not do it?
Is it the threat of violence?
If I state the fact the Hinduism is the most vile of religions when it comes to dehumanising and disenfranchising a subset of it’s own followers, particularly women… Should this statement cause the religious to reconsider what is written in their scripture and realise the damage those scriptures have caused to countless humans? Or should they kill me for saying it?
Similarly, If I say, Islam is the most violent of religions and the doctrines are directly responsible for deaths of millions of people around the world, should the Muslims look directly at their scriptures and realise that the fact is, their scripture does indeed ask them to kill those who do not believe the same and discard such scriptures as cruel and idiotic? Or should they proclaim that Islam is the “religion of peace” repeatedly while holding placards, rioting around the world damaging the property demanding that I be beheaded for suggesting that Islam is not a religion of peace?
And should I say that Christianity was equally or more cruel than Islam in it’s prime, and Christians will do better to not go back to those dark ages and drag millions with them. Should this prompt them to consider the bloody history of Christianity and work towards not taking the world back through that kind of bloodshed? Or should they consider me as third world savage who needs some democracy and converting (saving).
What would you do?
Are you religious? If yes, will you look at yourself in the mirror and see the horrors of your religious ideology reflect back? Think about how many death threats you have issued, and rapes and killings you are complicit in by encouraging such a behaviour in more virulent criminals within your fold to uphold your notion of sansakr.
Are you a “liberal”, leftist (like the trendy, some JNU types), You too look at yourself, and ask yourself, why you do not condemn bigotry equally, why don’t you stand for the freedom of expression for everyone, why don’t you see your failure to question all religious ideology equally, and Islam in particular, is the reason the right wing fundies are taking over every corner of civil society.

Author: dryogeshd

An ethical human being with integrity and no religious or supernatural inclinations.

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