Is secularism safe?

Before we go any further thinking, on the lines if whether secularism is safe, let me give it a reasonable definition as it is practiced today world over.

Secularism is the ideology of giving equality to all and tolerating everyone irrespective of their creed, color, ethnicity, race or religion. The key ingredient is that of tolerance to all and their beliefs. It’s a situation where everyone brings their culture, traditions and beliefs with them, and where everyone’s beliefs should be respected no matter how absurd and outrageous they are.

A fine analogy would go like this, “you bring your food, I will bring mine to the table, you eat yours and I will eat mine, if my food appeals to you, you can take it but don’t you dare comment on how bad it is, you are allowed only to praise my food”

Superficially this ideology seems very good, but think about it and you will realize where this type of mentality and ideology will lead, I understand this ideology is better than theocratic or totalitarian ideologies, but this also has subtle totalitarian concepts at it’s core.

When you do think and can see the consequences of this, you get states like India or UK, where there are Muslim and Jew communities which are above the law of the land, that is because you are not allowed an opinion about the absurdities these communities bring with them in the name of secularism. In India, a Muslim judge who has 4 wives can sentence a Hindu man for having 2 wives, that is because the Indian constitution was meant to be secular and it asks us to respect the traditions and beliefs of every religion.

I will let you decide for yourself, but in my opinion this type of secularism is not good for any society.

The freedom of speech should not have limitations to criticize what is absurd and immoral. Nothing in this universe should be beyond question and beyond criticism.

You can discuss in the comment section and share your thoughts, I know many of you will not agree with me, so bring it on.


The Moral Double Standards of Indians

Thanks to the original artist
Thanks to the original artist

I warn you, my posts are intended to be ridiculing and offensive for many, but many of you deserve this ridicule and need to be offended to wake up.

This is how I will be beginning my blogging. Let’s get started then,. Shall we???

What is it that is making me so furious to the point of outrage that I am choosing to write about at length? It is the double standard and the utter ignorance and superstition bordering on being delusional, of almost 90% of the world’s population, and 99.9% of Indian population in particular.

The double standards in what context, you might ask? I am particularly interested in the double standards of people when it comes to the moral and ethical matters in life… Just for a moment think about why is there so much suffering in this country, to an extent that is beyond comprehension,. Why 48% of children aged less than 5 years of age in India are so grossly undernourished that they have stunted growth, which rarely is reversible. Why is maternal mortality so high that it is shameful to even think about.. Why? And now tell me what your answer is. I will excuse a small percentage of people who do not have the mental capacity to understand what is it that I am talking about. The rest of you must have an answer, and your answer would go thus… It is because, we Indians have lost our tradition, and everyone is obsessed with accumulating wealth and every politician is corrupt and all politicians are either criminals or are accomplices to the criminals.

Okay, I will grant you this, you are correct in your reasoning that the majority of the politicians in this country do not have any morality and they are corrupt beyond comprehension. Now think about a situation where you come across a doctor who refuses to give you a false certificate stating that you were suffering from a disease for two weeks and was under his/her care for the said period, so that you can avail a period of leave with pay or stay in the job you are in. what will you do now?

I know what everyone in India does in such a situation,. you would initially ask that doctor gain, and then you will become irritated and you will come up with something like this., “hey come-on doctor, I am not asking for money, after all it is just a matter of a few words and a signature, how does it matter, everyone does that?”,. Then you would curse him/her, you will go back and say to your near and dear ones, what an arrogant son of bitch that doctor was.

This is a very simple, highly recurring scenario; do you see what I am trying to get at? Where were your morals and integrity and self respect when you were bargaining with the doctor and where were your morals when you felt betrayed and genuine disgust for this doctor., I know you feel genuinely disgusted at that doctor. There are innumerable scenarios where such emotions and moral issues come into question everyday in our country.

Just another example, as you are very well aware, almost all the politicians in this country are corrupt right? While deciding that these people are corrupt you had a moral standard right? so when you take money from these same corrupt politicians to vote for them, or when you go to these same corrupt politicians to get a transfer by bribing him, or when you bribe these same politicians in lakhs of rupees to get your son a government job, or while voting these idiots into power,. where were your fucking moral standards??

That is what infuriates me, how on earth can you not be ashamed of your behaviors and how can you say that the root of all evil in this country are these corrupt politicians with a straight face?

The road to a better tomorrow is in your hands, every one of you must start being honest and you must have integrity, the conviction to stand up against corrupt people and the conviction to not to be corrupt yourself or let other’s corrupt you.

Unless you cannot muster the courage to be honest, you cannot ask anyone else to be honest… how can you? And on what moral grounds?

This is the problem with this nation, and I am here to stand up against all that is corrupt and disgusting, I will make that change happen… If you have any shame, I call upon you to take this pledge.